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Assalamualaikum, peace be upon you. 

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"- Rumi


Who is the Girl in the Wine Red Scarf?


Recollected in tranquility. 




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ThEre is only the future to look forward to

When I started this blog, I had the intention of empowering people- especially young girls. I wanted to talk about issues that matter in society, reflect on what I had experienced and give tips or advice. 

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and motivated me to keep on blogging. In the beginning, I felt scared at first to have my own opinions up because I thought that nobody would care or read what I had to say on my blog. However, so many people have messaged me or came up to and said that I was inspirational or they looked up to me or that they even admire me. 

Personally, those kind words were a lot to take in because I never knew that anyone would say anything like that about me and it made me realise how much of a big deal it is for people to look up to you. So in response, I made it my goal to keep it real all time and be genuine with you guys by only telling the truth in my blogs and to try and spread love and kindness. Because we do live in a world where it gets superficial, where we don't really know people's true intentions and some things or people in life just don't serve us any good. 

With the grace of God, I started this blog because I wanted to give people a different perspective, especially since I am a Muslim and a girl wearing the hijab. I would like to give my thanks to God as He has given me so many blessings and gave me the courage to start this blog and the perseverance to continue doing so. 

Lastly, again, thank you to the people who have messaged me or commented some kind words, saying that I'm inspirational, or something I only wished I could be. And thank you to everyone for all the support and love. 

-The Girl in the Wine Red Scarf. xx