Where is the Love?

As I am writing this I am still in denial. Not in denial that Trump won, because obviously ‘democracy’ has spoken but I am in denial because what is more obvious, is the lack of humanity left. When I heard about the outcome of the elections I was speechless for the rest of the night and to be honest, I literally cried myself to sleep. All night, the questions I kept asking myself were: where is the love and what has become of this world? Up to the election, I thought that the world was progressing. I thought that people were respecting one another more, I thought that people were more ethical and I thought that this progression will continue. But then I realised that everything seemed to be a façade. Deep down for millions of people in America, they were hiding their true colours and when the time was ‘right’ for them to show them, they weren’t pretty. They were downright ugly. And I- a citizen of this world, is truly mortified.

America has always been the leader of the ‘Free world’ where many countries are affected by the actions of the Americans. Sometimes good, sometimes devastating. Ultimately, America is the most powerful country on earth and two days ago Americans had elected someone, who in my opinion could make devastating impacts to humanity. Nonetheless, from what I gathered, it wasn’t really Trump that people were voting, Americans voted for the values that they had. Americans had voted for fear, racism, sexism, homophobia, prejudice and self-interest. This is really scary for those who are discriminated and so I am praying for all the minority groups in the United States.

I noticed that a lot of people believe that the government does not affect them or that they are immune to policies but in reality, public policy affects everyone of us from the day we are born, to the day we die. However, it was really shocking for me to learn that 46.9% of eligible voters did not vote for the election. I clearly remember my public policy lecturer saying that everyone knows that Hillary will win but what she was scared of, was that because everyone believed that Hillary will win, they might not turn up to vote. And that was exactly what had happened. So not only did Americans voted for white supremacist values, they didn’t even vote at all for the sake of their future.

Now there has been major protests and riots around the United States in response to the outcome of the elections and even if it might not change things (as in change the elected President), I hope it makes people aware that every single vote counts and that public policy affects every single person.

Therefore, I believe that everyone should be educated about public policy and how politics work in the context of the country they live in. A lot of people talk about politics but really, most of them have no idea what they are talking about. People need to learn the importance of public policy and how it affects them, they need to learn how the voting system work and the power that each government officials have, ultimately people need to learn that they also hold power in their hands to choose who they want to lead their country.

Initially, I had a lot of anger and sadness in response to the elections but now I have a lot of hope. I hope that we all learn a lesson from this. I hope that the world will still be a safe place to live in. I hope that the rest of the world will not succumb to a world of hatred. I hope that people will unite to have a brighter future together. I hope that we will find love and trump all the hate that we are seeing today. Ultimately, I hope that we recover humanity or at least hold on to the little humanity left.

Watch the new version of 'Where Is The Love' here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsRMoWYGLNA